Patchwork Beast


aspen games
3-person indie game team


creative director
game artist
UI developer


spring 2023
15 weeks


godot engine
clip studio paint

A seemingly sentient beast made of haphazardly welded parts has awakened and is rotting the forest from the inside out with metallic corrosion.


You are Ramis, an intrepid traveler journeying from home with a walking staff among your meager belongings. Mystified by the tales your elders spun, you venture towards the northern enchanted forest. A famed village called Mossglen lies at its entrance, a supposed crossroads between the human and forest spirit worlds. On your way, you stumble upon a forest spirit—but there's a strange metallic rust creeping up its body, and even stranger twitches in its gait.

Mossglen is nothing like the tales as well: the formerly vibrant settlement is now nothing but a ghost town. The remaining residents live in fear of this so-called Corrosion spreading from the forest center rotting the land and spirits from the inside out. Your staff, however, may be the key to healing it. With a promise to upkeep, you must journey deeper into the forest, uncover the origins of the Corrosion contaminating it, and heal afflicted forest spirits with your newfound powers. The beast awaits.


Patchwork Beast was an original story I wrote in high school for a 3D animated short film. I revived the narrative into a 2D top-down game for an interactive spin. It takes visual inspiration from Studio Ghibli and has steampunk/nature themes. Gameplay is low-stakes and more focused on the narrative than the action.


Patchwork Beast followed an agile/scrum development methodology. Our team completed weekly sprints and used Github for version control.

Narrative: Patchwork Beast was relatively simple to rewrite from its original form as a short film. I created new character designs for the game.

Art: Because of the limited timeframe, we initially used a lot of placeholders for art assets. Everything in the final version of Patchwork Beast was hand-drawn. I would work incrementally and replace placeholders with the final sprites throughout the entire term of development.

Design: We followed standard practices for player interactions when designing game mechanics.

Development: Scenes were assigned to different people to avoid merge conflicts as much as possible.

Audio: Background music and sound effects were sourced royalty-free.

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